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Chan Wing Lydia: Terminal III | Exhibition De-book 01
  • Chan Wing Lydia: Terminal III | Exhibition De-book 01

    De Lounge presents Chan Wing-lam's first solo exhibition, "Terminal III" curated by Kaio WU Hiu Nam and on February 1 to February 17, 2023. The exhibition takes inspiration from the third passenger terminal building that does not exist in reality but serves as a symbol of departure and the journey into the unknown. The concept of Terminal III is explored through Chen's intricate silver sculptures, which depict the heavy decision of leaving a city and the emotions that come with it. The sculptures serve as a physical manifestation of the weight that one carries when embarking on a journey into the unknown. The exhibition booklet provides a curated guide to the artwork on display, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the inspiration, creative process, and significance of the exhibition. Through the booklet, visitors can gain a unique perspective on the artwork and its message, allowing them to appreciate the exhibition on a deeper level.


    About De-book

    Each exhibition is the precious property of artists and curators, it is worth selecting the memorial moments as an excerpt.

    In De Lounge, we will always write, collect, and produce a small booklet to introduce the artist and the story behind the concept.


    Exhibition statement

    De Lounge is pleased to present the first solo exhibition “Terminal III (三號大樓) ” by artist CHAN Wing Lam Lydia, curated by Wu Hiu Nam Kaio. The exhibition will open on 1 February 2023 to 17 February 2023.

    Why and how to leave the city - seem to be an inevitable question for us today. What is the item or essential that you must bring along when setting off? Artist CHAN Wing Lam Lydia is in the imagination of "Terminal III 三號客運大樓", a place full of silhouettes of the city and commend memories. CHAN uses the 'cold' material - sliver to sketch the decision of leaving. Puzzling and matching different fragments, packing the piece of going with reluctance in life as if it’s the last night of packing up.
    CHAN sketched our city from a micro perspective. She "carves" the "miscellaneous" objects she sees in daily life, turning them into micro-scale metalwork, reshaping and reconsidering the relationship between the city and the artist herself. The story revolves around the empty suitcase which collects precious moments in life. When the suitcase is full, it's time to say ‘Chaos(bye-bye)', to take off and settle into a new place, "Terminal III", bringing all the memories along.
    CHAN projected her thoughts on herself as well as the city to fill in her unique colour and time. CHAN realized that the experiences of the two places and the environment are not necessarily identical. But she still hopes to awaken and fill in the blanks of the city’s precious memories, and to write about the trivial notes as the gift for everyone who's on their way to "Terminal III".

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