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Established in 2022, De Lounge is an independent contemporary art unit operated by artists in Hong Kong. Using art, design, and concepts, De Lounge focuses on urban life and intervenes in urban thinking. By seeking the stories and insights of urban artists, designers, and creators, it creates and sustains a thinking space for the city, encouraging its dwellers to appreciate their surrounding in their leisure time. De Lounge also invites the public to participate in art through leisure activities.


De Lounge curates exhibitions, publishes independent works, and irregularly carries out art education projects and local and overseas academic exchanges, aiming to promote multi-angular and independent thinking in response to society.


In 2023, De Lounge curated exhibitions "Terminal III" and "I Will Sick Leave Tomorrow". In 2024, De Lounge presented regular critical thinking workshops "Here Talk, Here Gone" and the Art-zine "De Stories".

De Lounge成立於2022年,為香港藝術家組成及營運的當代獨立藝術單位,以城市生活為主軸,用藝術、設計及概念介入都市思維,目前位於香港。城藝休廳尋找藝術家、設計師及創作者在都市中的故事與感悟,創造與延續城市的思考空間,鼓勵城市人在休閑中欣賞城市點滴,透過休閒的方式邀請公眾參與藝術。






© 2023 by De Lounge Hong Kong, all rights reserved.

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