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De Lounge (城藝休廳), an independent arts and cultural unit in Hong Kong, serves as a sanctuary for young local artists and creators to reconnect with their inner peace and reflect on the pace of life. Amid the city's abundance of arts and cultural organizations, including art groups, organisations, galleries, and foundations, there are opportunities to encounter like-minded individuals and present their works to the public.


As Hong Kong is an international city, the psychological pressure of daily life on citizens has increased. As citizens, we seldom pause within the urban landscape to listen, create stories behind us, and explore the beauty of our city.


De Lounge established in mid-2022, driven by the concepts of art, craftsmanship, and design, seeks to uncover artists' stories and insights within the urban context, creating and perpetuating spaces that belong to the city's inhabitants, allowing them to appreciate the details of urban life during their leisure time. De Lounge curate irregular & opusculum exhibitions, and independent publications. Let the “idea” flow, the stories/texts/designs belong will become an exclusive breathing space in between.

De Lounge(城藝休廳)是以城市為主軸,讓香港一眾年青藝術工作者及創作人,回歸心靈寧靜、漫步回思生活步調的獨立藝文單位。






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