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‘In artists, status anxiety’, solo project exhibition artist-curated by Kaio Wu Hiu Nam. Wu examines her longstanding unequal relationship with art through repairing ready-made objects, furniture, books and art writing. Wu rethinks the agenda behind contemporary art and its undeniable, secular relationship with elitism. 

Wu takes a step back from the mainstream and confesses her Status Anxiety, a shared emotion in the art world, and the power imbalance between art and the artist it reveals. Wu believes artists often need to ‘Self- Scrutinise’ to fit a certain ‘persona’, and contemporary art is ‘Purposed’. By exposing the dilemma between ideology/meaning, Wu breaks through the language game related to art and hidden rules which, ironically, are set by the artists themselves. 

In this exhibition, Wu adopts methods like self-satire and invites all artists to delve into this discussion of elitism and Status Anxiety.


Is keeping up creativity and observing social ideologies during leisure time a luxury or an occupational habit?

The probationary period for a new job is often set for three months. As a twenty-something newcomer to society, and an "artist" who has been hit hard by reality, how long will our "social probationary period" be? We may never pass the probationary period that belongs to adults.

I Will Sick Leave Tomorrow, a multi-media group exhibition of artists Cheung Nap Ki Clement, Pak Kau, Rainbow Chan, Kaio Wu Hiu Nam, Chan Wing Lam Lydia, Chan Yin Chi, Clover Yu and Mika Lee. Through Installation, metalwork, and printmaking, explores the subjective and objective experiences of their negative and cynical reactions toward society, adulthood, and the environment. By navigating through the chaos of life, to reflect on the significance of observing and reflecting on our surroundings.

We may become one of the broken adults in society, but we can also try our best to break free.

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Hidden Space is delighted to present “It’s not about design / I didn’t ask to win this award / 使用是產品放着是藝術品” by Kaio Wu Hiu Nam, the fifth recipient of our annual Hidden Space Award.


For her installation, Wu has applied art-world related text to a range of ready-made objects, from clothing to sports equipment, household items and even confectionery. From the starting point of her own aspirations to a particular lifestyle, she has selected objects that she finds genuinely desirable, whether they are original designs or affordable mass-manufactured versions of high-end items. The artwork both critiques the amalgamation of luxury retail with art, whilst admitting to its aspirational pull.

In her playfully honest title and the inclusion of ‘rejected’ artworks and ideas, Wu also gives us access to the multiple pressures of choice, the art/exhibition making process, and even how taxing it is to be a fledgling artist attempting to realise ideas.

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De Lounge is pleased to present the first solo exhibition “Terminal III (三號大樓) ” by artist CHAN Wing Lam Lydia. The exhibition will open on 1 February 2023 to 17 February 2023.

CHAN sketched our city from a micro perspective. She "carves" the "miscellaneous" objects she sees in daily life, turning them into micro-scale metalwork, reshaping and reconsidering the relationship between the city and the artist herself. The story revolves around the empty suitcase which collects precious moments in life. When the suitcase is full, it's time to say ‘Chaos(bye-bye)', to take off and settle into a new place, "Terminal III", bringing all the memories along....

城藝休廳De Lounge呈獻陳詠藍首個個人展覽《三號大樓 Terminal III》,展覽設於 2023年2月1日至2月17日。為何離開、如何離開所熟悉的城市,彷彿是現今必不可免的思考題 。起行之時,有什麼是必須被帶走?藝術家陳詠藍以城市剪影,不曾存在的第三號「客運大樓」為題,以銀器雕塑記錄離開一個城市的沉重決定,由不同細碎片段記錄人生中的離開與不捨,作為收捨行裝的最後一夜。

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