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CHAN Siu Lam Rainbow  陳  昭霖


Born in Hong Kong
Currently lives and works in Hong Kong


Bachelor of Arts, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University 

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CHAN Siu Lam Rainbow (b.1998),  Graduated with A bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University.

Focuses on printmaking, illustration, and graphic design. Her works are mainly related to her personal feelings and emotions. She loves to explore topics about society, relationships, and self-identity She believes that the process of creation is the best way to understand ourselves.

Group Exhibitions 

2023                  I Will Sick Leave Tomorrow, WURE AREA, HK

2022                 Fine Art Asia 典亞藝博, HK
2022                 'Click…Clatter… Clunk…’, Karin Weber Gallery, HK
2021                  BOOKED, Tai Kwun Contemporary, HK

2020                 Academy of Visual Arts Graduation Show, AVA, HK
2020                 Pearl and Beyond, Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, HK
2018                  Moaning, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU, HK

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